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                                                   Donate to the Ft. Bragg MOPH Chapter


Combat wounded veterans of Chapter 2226, in Fayetteville, NC undertake many worthy projects for the benefit of disabled veterans, for other veterans and their families, and for the greater community of which we are a part. See the "mission statement."

Membership dues provide only a small fraction of the funds that are needed each year to support this ambitious program. Instead, we rely upon donations from those among our members who have the financial ability and the will to push our work forward. We also welcome contributions from any other individuals, organizations, and from businesses and corporate sponsors. Upon a request, contributions will be applied to a specific need such as the Warrior Relief Fund, but we prefer them to be undesignated.

Donations are welcome at any time, by check payable to: Bragg Chapter 2226, MOPH and designated as a contribution and mailed to Bragg Chapter 2226, Military Order of the Purple Heart, P.O. Box 72745, Fort Bragg, NC 28307. If you have any questions use the Contact Page in the web site.

Bragg Chapter 2226 is incorporated in the state of North Carolina as a tax-exempt, non-profit veterans group operating as an IRC 501(c) (19) organization, EIN Number  56-2564403. When the donor requests, a certificate will be provided for donations made to Bragg Chapter 2226. At any time we have a number of individuals, our volunteers, project chairmen, and chapter officers busy on the various projects of the Chapter devoting anywhere from an hour or two, up to near full time work. None of these individuals receive pay, financial incentives, or reimbursement of personal expenses (gas, money, phone calls , postage, etc) incurred while serving. Officers operate from their homes with their personal computers for the Chapter use.


Help support the mission of this Chapter and it's programs by becoming a donor and adding your name to one of the levels of this distinguished list for one year. The four levels for donations are Bronze, Silver,  Gold and Platinum.. Send your check for the level amount to  Bragg Chapter 2226, PO Box 72745, Fort Bragg, NC 28307.  

                                                         Donor Categories                                    


The Bronze level donor contributes $10.00 or more.


The Silver level donor contributes$100.00  more.


The Gold level donor has contributed $500.00 or more during the year.


The Platinum level donor has contributed  $1,000 or more during the year.  Your help and assistance is appreciated and we'd ask you to consider joining with us and sharing a contribution to either the Warrior Relief Fund or the General Fund .


The Purple Heart Support Programs

I wish to make a gift to:

1.The Warrior Relief Fund.

2. The General Fund.                      


Bragg Chapter 2226, MOPH of the USA, INC., with its 501(c)(19),Veterans Service Organization offers tax advantages to the extent permitted by law. ,  EIN 56-2564403.  Bragg Chapter 2226 does not render legal accounting or tax preparation advice.  Consult your legal advisor about your specific situation.

To contribute "click" here or on top of the page to download the Form.